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How we value

The Rise
of Women’s

Women’s sport is rapidly rising in Australia and across the world and we are passionate about being at the forefront to promote this growth. At G2G Sports we are doing everything we can to promote women’s sport in this country, get as many young girls as passionate about sport as we are!

Growing the
Ladies Game

We are passionate about both creating opportunities for girls of all ages at a Grassroots level and also providing player representation services for professional female athletes so that they can capitalise on the increasing number of commercial opportunities that are becoming available to them with growth in women’s sports. In this regard, we are always looking for opportunities to leverage our professional and sporting networks so that we can identify and help create exciting connections for young female athletes to take advantage of.


One priority of G2G Sports is to create pathways for young girls to pursue their passion for sports from junior grassroots level right through to the professional level should they so desire. We aim to do this by connecting community clubs to professional organisations, ultimately creating pathways for young girls. Dreams can come true after all!


We want female athletes to be paid what they deserve and do everything in our power to ensure that this occurs. We are excited to be helping female athletes push towards financial equality.


The most important thing for us is to get as many young girls as possible participating in grassroots sports. As inaugural President of the Women’s Committee at the Labrador Australian Football Club, Jamieson is able to lead from the front with respect to this important aspiration of ours by helping to create a women’s football program at his junior club.