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How we value

Contracts, Negotiations
& Dispute Resolutions

Your contract negotiations could not be in better hands, with Jamieson having almost 10 years private practice legal experience working for a number of major national and international firms.


We’ll make sure we put all of this experience to use to get the best deal possible for you in the circumstances, leaving you to worry about what you are best at. Playing sport!

Professional Services:

Financial Management
(Planning & Strategy)
& Legal Services

At G2G Sports, we recognise that the athletes we represent will not be able to play the sports they love forever. As such, we make it a priority to ensure our athletes have access to first class financial advisors so they can set themselves up financially for the long term. Having spent a decade servicing the finance industry, Jamieson has a wealth of experience and an extensive network in the industry, meaning our athletes have the best support available to make great investments and grow their wealth from an early age. Our athletes also have access to the best legal services available courtesy of Jamieson’s extensive legal network.

How we value

Endorsements, Marketing
& Media Management

Our focus is on connecting the right brands and commercial opportunities with the right athletes. Not every opportunity is suitable for every athlete, but there are definitely suitable opportunities for all athletes. We make sure we spend time with each athlete so that we understand what they are passionate about, with a view to then tapping into our extensive network to identify mutually beneficial opportunities for our athletes and the brands that support them.


We work closely with our athletes to help expand their media presence and marketability. We recognise the importance of personal branding, particularly in the digital age and are mindful of the fact that for many athletes, their playing days can be cut short quite quickly for any number of reasons. As such, we help our athletes create a presence from early on and help them build something that they can capitalise on for the duration of their playing career and beyond.


Mental Health
& Community

Jamieson’s personal experience with mental health is a major driver behind G2G Sports, with sport playing a major role in his mental wellness over the years. As such, we firmly believe that sport can be used as a tool to improve mental health with a key focus at G2G Sports being to help as many people as possible improve their lives using sport. Based on experience, we are confident that sport, recreation, and physical activity can support good mental health. As such, we actively promote being part of a sporting team which we see as having significant benefits for mental health and wellbeing.


Equally, we are conscious of the fact that the sporting world has not traditionally been a place that has encouraged people to speak up about mental health issues. We are excited to see that significant progress has been made on this front in recent times, with some high-profile athletes showing great courage and leadership in dealing with mental health issues publicly. Having said this, we still think there is a lot more to be done on this front and as such, G2G Sports is excited to support mental health initiatives, particularly those supporting athletes.

How we value

Career Planning:
Including Life
After Sport

We understand that there is more to life than sport for most athletes. As such we work with our athletes from very early on to help them to have options outside of sport (or in a non-playing capacity for those athletes who sport is their life).


We help our athletes work out what their interests are outside of playing sport with a view to connecting them with the right people and put them on appropriate pathways so they can pursue these interests. This means that our athletes will have something to fall back on if their playing career does not go to plan. Even for those “lucky” ones who achieve ultimate success in the sporting arena, it is still important for them to have something to transition to once their playing days come to an end and we help get them thinking about and planning for this from early on.